Sunday, December 7, 2008

1962 Jaguar XK-E Factory Lightweight Race Car Pictures

1962 Jaguar XK-E Factory Lightweight Race Car

At the time of its introduction in 1961, the Jaguar E-Types, or XK-E, was the most newsworthy of sports cars. The car combined startling styling, a near-150-mph top speed, and a relatively low price for such a complete package. The only thing that could compete performance-wise was a Ferrari at a significantly higher price.

The E-Type was a completely different-looking vehicle than its predecessors. Its projectile-shaped styling was based on the famoud D-Type racers of the 1950's. What had been the most potent optional engine on the XK-150 became the standard engine on the XK-E. The construction was of the unibody type which reduced the weight by 400 pounds. The Jaguar E-Type remains one of the most beautiful automobiles of all times.

1963 Specifications:
Wheelbase: 96 in.
Weight: 2,625 lbs
Engine: 6-cylinder, 230-cid, 265-hp
Price: $5,895

Total production of E-Type coupes for 1961-1964: 7760


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