Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jaguar XKE : How to Increase Car's Power?

There are two ways of increasing the engine power of a car without enlarge its size – turbo charging and supercharging. Both ways use compressors to force more air into the cylinders. When the air and fuel ignite, said process will result to a more powerful explosion. This process took part in all engine include in your Jaguar XKE engine.

The diversity between turbo charging and supercharging lies on the method of giving power. The turbocharger of an automobile uses the engine's exhaust gas to rotate the fan that compresses air. Said fan is directly controlled by the engine. This is done by using the belt linked to the accessory drive. The components are alike to those of water pump. In the case of Ford Shelby GT 500, it uses a supercharger to support produce 500 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque.

Match up to superchargers, turbochargers are more widespread these days. Cars with turbochargers include the Saab 9-3, Volvo S40, Acura RDX, Mazda speed 6 and almost all models with diesel engines. Conversely, cars with superchargers include Jaguar XKR, S-type R, Cadillac XLR-V and Cadillac STS-V, and Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

Jaguar XKR is the replacement for XJS. It is known as the supercharged variant of the XK series. Jaguar XKR parts consist of standard 18-inch alloy wheels, self-leveling xenon headlamps and navigation system. Earlier, Jaguar has created and produced a concept car dubbed as the XKR-R which is very similar to the S-Type R special edition. S-Type R joined the automaker's lineup in 2003. Jaguar S-Type car parts used in said version consist of the supercharged V8. The engine is capable of producing 390 horsepower (291 kW). The car is made sportier by using only one of its kind fascia with built-in fog lamps, aluminium bonnet, rear spoiler, rear sub frame and the peculiar 'R' badging. So far, S-Type R is the most expensive S-Type. It has a starting price of $58,995.

Deciding on which way to use in increase the car engine's power, the deciding factor is the engine size. As a fact, superchargers consume a little more power because they are continuously in action. Turbochargers, on the other hand, do not take power directly from the engine. It is the exhaust gas that compels them.

The main disadvantage of using a turbocharger is that it is time-consuming. It has turbo lag. Said lag is not a problem with a supercharger because it driven directly by the engine. Nevertheless, with the advancement of technology, turbo lag seems to wane from many engines. Furthermore, sophisticated superchargers can now be disconnected if they are not needed.

As a conclusion, turbocharger or supercharger are both equally powerful for increasing your Jaguar XKE engine power. It’s all up to you either to use turbocharger or supercharger.


JaysXKE said...

BULLSHIT!!!! Turbo on a XK engine?! HAhaaa! Jay

JaysXKE said...

Now you want some Good H.P.? start with a straight port head and just let her breath, multi seat valve job, a cam with a little more lift & keep them open a bit more, Ram air, headers, etc;-) Jay

Slava Rybalka said...

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Abdul Bari Chanessra said...

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