Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jaguar XKE Restoration

What you need to do before you can restore your Jaguar XKE? There are a lot of preparations before you can start your restoration.

You're going to have a place not only spacious enough for the car but for you to work around it. With a ground-up restoration like Jaguar XKE, it certainly filled another bay just keep old parts coming off the car and new parts waiting to go on. Thousands of people have restored old cars under a tree in the backyard, but in my opinion the minimum realistic space is an empty two car garage.

You'll also need at least a minimum amount of automotive knowledge and education. Happily, old Jaguar cars are easier to work on than today's computer-controlled machines. As you work on your restoration you'll also learn and understand a lot, which is half the purpose to do a project like this in the first place.

Any old car can be separated into subassemblies. Don't think about restoring a whole car--that's far too intimidating and nerve-racking. Instead, you can determine an attainable goal: "Today, I'll sand, prime and paint the wheels." Once the wheel subassembly is restored, determine another goal for tomorrow. If you restore enough subassemblies, pretty soon you've done and complete a whole car.

How long will it take? Restoration was a pretty complicated project, common sense that you'll spend at least 1000 hours on almost any ground-up old car restoration and probably a lot more. That's why the car you decide on to restore is so essential, because you'll be spending a lot of quality time together.

In the end of your Jaguar XKE restoration, you will gain great experience and you know what, it worth it.

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